How to breed all types of Dragons

Hello! This is my first tips and tricks tutorial here so don’t be harsh on me!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions how to breed specific types of Dragons and I finally found a few cool images that will show you how to breed them. You can see what resources you need in order to get the one you want. So let’s get started with some images.

On this first image you can see how to breed a few dragons that are epic.


Here you can see some of the electric ones:


And on this image you can see how to breed some of the water dragons (my personal favorite).

water dragons

This is not much, but these are the most important ones. If you want to see the full list of these dragons breedings, you can do that by visiting this website. I know I left a few types of dragons, but just visit the website above and you will see everything. But I am going to share a good video that will explain how to breed the rare type of dragons, the legendary ones! Everything is explained in the video so you can easily follow it and get a few legendary ones.

I know this is quite a short guide, but don’t worry, I will write more and with more details it’s just that I don’t have very much time now to write anything longer. If you just check the images out and you will see how easy is to get some of the pretty rare dragons in the game. Also, in the video there is a few tricks that you can use in order to breed all of your dragons faster as well as getting a few extra legendary ones so make sure to watch the video till the end so you don’t miss out on anything.

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