Monster Legends updates for December

Hello, hello! Long time no see so let’s just start talking about this game!

First of all, Monster Legends team decided that they are releasing an update for all of us Monster Legends lovers. Second, it’s already released, but I’m gonna talk about it nonetheless. This month only, you will get some new islands, new challenges, VIP days and many other cool things so let’s get started with that right now!

The challenge

Developers decided to throw us a simple 72-hour long challenge to see who will get the prizes. The challenge is not that hard actually and here are the rules:

  • flip cards and memorize them
  • guess all of them within given time

As you see, it’s really not hard and the prizes are cool. You can get some cool Hootube¬†heroes if you are collecting that for your account.

New island

This is something I have been waiting for quite a long time. I wanted to see something new like an island very long and we finally got something. Since it’s December and it’s all about the Christmas, the island is all about Christmas as well. You can go to the island and fight and try to win it over. If you do, you will get many cool items and you will be even stronger than before, but you will have to have a good army to win it over.

Other cool things in this update

VIP days are here! This doesn’t mean that you will get a free VIP, but that they will have some good offers and special promotions for you to buy a VIP for your account. Another cool thing is the advent calendar! This is something that we all wanted. All you need to do is to log in every day and collect your prize for that day.

There are many other cool things in this update and you can see all of them when you log in into your account. So go and log in now as all of those prizes awaits you!

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