Spending gems and earning gold

Yes, there is not much of free gems anymore and you should not spend them on something that doesn’t matter. For example, if you would like to speed things up when it comes to breeding dragons, you can do that by using some gems, but they will hatch either way so it would be unwise to spend them there since you don’t have unlimited amounts. You can always get more free gems by using cheats or you can buy them in the game store. You can check out the prices here so if you have money, you can buy some when you need it. All in all, be careful when you’re spending your gems as they are hard to get.


Farming gold easily

Here is a few simple tricks that you can use daily to get some extra gold into your account. You can often visit habitats and get it from there. They will usually spawn gold every so often so you make sure to visit them when you can as you will find a surprise of gold there. You should also breed certain breeds of dragons. When you breed Dragonian Beast, you will get a lot of extra gold per minute. You will passively get gold just because you own that dragon know. There is a few extra dragons that give lots of gold per minute and you will find more info within the game itself. And the last trick is to level up your dragons evenly. Don’t level up your favourite dragons a few levels up and leave others behind. This will put you in a disadvantage as you won’t have powerful dragons to fight with nor will your other dragons produce enough gold for you to spend and level up your favourite. If you level them up evenly, you will always maintain a certain level of your gold income so you will always have more gold to spend!

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